Unique things about mario kart series


Racing games has always been a favourite of mine. I guess it can be said as true for almost every avid gamer. We have been blessed to live in an era where developers are providing us with a lot of such games. New, high quality racing games comes out often. But there are a few series that can blow anyones mind still. One such game is the Mario Kart.

As you can guess from the name, this is a kart racing game where players have to race using karts against one another in mario themed track. The game is well-known for its unique gameplay and exciting features. The platform for which the game was designed is GameCube. Never before this game did the player saw a co-op gameplay where two players can team up and race. One player was in control of the game while the other one was tasked with collecting items. More amazingly, players could switch roles whenever they wanted.

The game also had other exciting feature. One of them is the creation of eleven unique characters for the game itself. After picking up items, players could easily use them to impede or slow the other contestants. There are other power ups that made the player invincible. This is the only game is the series where two characters took part in the race with one kart.

Mario Kart Double Dash Rom is easily available on the internet. The gameplay experience is so rich for the game that gamers from all over the world of all ages should experience it st least once in their life.